How to buy Bitcoin through an Exchange

A Bitcoin Exchange is a digital marketplace where traders can buy and sell bitcoins using different fiat currencies or altcoins. Acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, the exchange provides structure and order to the process. The exact process to buy bitcoin depends on the source through which you are making your purchase. We recommend always going through a cryptocurrency exchange as they are the safest option for the typical buyer. Generally, the process to buy bitcoin through an exchange follows the below simple steps. 

Create an account 

First of all, you have to create an account on the exchange’s platform. All of your activity on that exchange is locked behind this step so it’s a must for most exchanges. 

Verify your identity

Exchanges require you to verify your identity typically via a photo ID. This step is required to keep the bitcoin trade safe and keep money laundering at bay know as KYC (know your client).

Buy Bitcoin 

That’s it! At this point, most exchanges will allow you to buy Bitcoin. 

What now? 

Once you’ve made an investment, it’s up to you whether you want to immediately sell for small gains or hold bitcoin you just purchased and wait for a bigger pay-out. Keep an eye on all of the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies as it is a vibrant and active community. You don’t wanna miss a chance because you were not keeping yourself apprised of the latest updates.

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